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When will the Konost rangefinder be available?

We had originally planned to begin pre-order end of 2016 with the first deliveries around Q2 of 2017. However, in order to deliver the highest-performing image quality at a price range we felt comfortable with, we decided to switch to a custom sensor in all our cameras. This will push production versions of the Konost rangefinders to Q3-Q4 of 2017. We’re still working on releasing limited edition beta versions of the rangefinder in the first half of 2017.

What will be the price of a Konost rangefinder?

We are not able to reveal the exact price at this point. However, we can say it will be very competitively priced among digital full-frame cameras.

Is the design finalized?

No, we’re still iterating the aesthetics, UI, and overall product design based on testing and feedbacks. If you have any suggestions, or even want to help with the design process, please contact us.

Are you really working on a full-frame mirrorless?


Why do you guys take so long to provide an update?

We admit, our social media presence is terrible. We only put out a few posts a year. We are a very small team and most of our time is devoted to product and business development. The founders are always traveling, either to partner locations, potential manufacturing sites, or trying to raise funding. We do have a marketing team but most of their work is centered around strategizing go-to-markets with investors and partners.

Social media will come, but we believe that a well-designed and well-built product should come first.

Will you do a Kickstarter or Indiegogo?


What can I do to help?

Please sign up for our mailing list! This helps us collect quantitative data to use with investors and marketing strategy. We’ll send out questionnaires from time to time and would appreciate it if you help us answer.

How can I contact you guys for the quickest response?

At the moment, we respond through email the fastest. If you have a serious business inquiry or suggestion, please email us at contact@konost.com and we’ll personally reply to every single mail.


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